During the past couple of years there has been a quiet revolution in the travel sector as increasingly more organizations turn to bulk SMS to control and share information. It really is thought that around 80% of the travel industry use mobile messaging to talk to customers, including big names such as for example Continental Airlines, Expedia, and Avis. From alerts on reduced fares, to 2-way messaging to book tickets or reserve rental cars, or to provide travel information updates, text messages are changing the way that the travel industry interacts with consumers.
Meeting the challenges faced the travel industry
Send text message :By its very nature, the travel industry has to be able to connect with customers on the run. Bulk SMS enables travel organizations to get important – and frequently time-sensitive information – to their customers and stakeholders quickly and cost-effectively. Although some of the challenges faced by the travel sector are beyond their control (such as fluctuating fuel prices and taxes) others factors such as for example falling passenger numbers and increased competition they are able to make an effort to overcome themselves. These lenders can use bulk SMS to supply up-to-the-minute information on fares, routes and schedules. Or they use 2-way messaging to create it easier for consumers to book their flight, car, room or taxi.
Players within the travel sector are increasingly researching to add value to their service in a cost-effective manner. Here using texts pays real dividends as it enables businesses to reach a large number of consumers simultaneously. And, by sending text messages containing relevant information with their customers in a timely manner, businesses can enhance their consumers’ travel experience thereby helping to cement customer loyalty. Mobile messaging can be handy at every stage of the buyer cycle, from purchasing to confirmation, along with customer support and feedback. And, let’s remember that SMS has the highest response rate of any customer communication channel and that it just cost a few cents to send SMS messages to anywhere in the world. Using SMS to connect to customers gives travel agents – both big and small – an integral differentiator for his or her business by providing a low cost, high value service. This makes mobile messaging a highly effective and affordable way to interact with customers, which explains why many within the travel industry view it as an essential component of their business strategy.
Reducing wastage with HLR Lookup
Online Texting :All businesses are keen to reduce costs and improve productivity. For the travel industry that is especially important as its margins could be influenced by fluctuating oil prices, the elements and natural disasters. One highly efficient way to reduce costs and wastage with bulk SMS is by using HLR lookup. And also allowing businesses to verify the mobile numbers before sending their texts, HLR Lookup also allows them to determine if the receiver is abroad. That is an important consideration as it allows them to make certain that they are sending relevant information at the right time and it offers them the option to avoid unexpected higher fees, by opting for a lesser cost route. By using HLR Lookup businesses within the travel sector can protect their important thing and still add value to their service, providing a better overall customer experience.
Through mobile messaging travel businesses could make the most of the mobile communication channel to attract, interact and inform their customers. The low cost and high response rates of SMS, coupled with its capability to improve operational efficiencies and reach consumers on the move make it a natural communication channel for the travel industry.
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