According to the SIA (Semiconductor Industry Association) ( News freedom 1 ), semiconductor sales in the Chinese shout out in February 2020 fell 7.5% month-on-month. “The impact of the extra coronavirus is finally brute reflected in semiconductor sales statistics,” said John Neuffer, SIA President and CEO.

Monthly semiconductor sales (3-month distressing average) by world and region
Data provided by SIA and WSTS, graphing by Nikkei Cross-Tech
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Monthly sales data released by the SIA is a three-month touching average, and more than a month later, preliminary figures are released (for example, February data is released at the initiation of April) Seeing endeavors inevitably slows next to compared to news reported in real time. “For now, the impact of the pandemic of the other corona, which can be seen in semiconductor sales statistics, is limited,” said Neuffer, who will be published in March 2008 and beyond. The data will be clearer.

The year-on-year rate of correct turned sure for the first become old in 14 months …
Last year global semiconductor sales (19 years), due mainly to uncertainty very nearly the future of the economy by the US-China trade friction, 12.1% reduced (related article “year-on-year in the world’s top in the US Apple semiconductor purchase, pull out the Samsung )). This year (20 years) is traditional to have a rebound in the industry, and the World Semiconductor Trade Statics (WSTS) predict in December 2007 that it would be “up 5.9% year-on-year”. Monthly semiconductor sales fell year-on-year in January 2007, and remained negative for 13 months until January 2008 ( News freedom 2 ). For the first period in 14 months (in February 2008), worldwide semiconductor sales have turned positive and increased by 5.0%. Had the pandemic of the other Corona not occurred, it would have been a bright news want ad after a long absence.