This time, I’ll introduce the browser FPS “Krunker” which is a little addicted recently !

“Krunker” is a free-to-play browser FPS developed by “Sidney de Vries”.


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Play it now!
What weapons (loadouts) can be used?
What a Tokyo server!
Custom games that users can freely create!
Get skin considering gacha!
Enhanced settings!
Client tab too!
Recommended for FPS beginners!
Play it now!
Let’s entrance the game screen immediately.

Then …

This is the game screen on the browser.

Advertisement is displayed at the bottom of the screen because it is release to play, but it is not displayed particularly where it gets in the way.

And the matching is completed like you admission the page, and the game starts quickly bearing in mind you click “CLICK TO PLAY” in the center of the screen .

You can accomplishment as a guest without registering, but this grow old I am logged in and playing.

First, let’s pull off a team deathmatch using a submachine gun.

Krunker moves at alternative speeds depending on the weapon, but the submachine gun can impinge on totally fast because it moves faster.

In addition, terse fire is very fast, but because it has a dot sight, I think it is a recommended weapon for beginners who are certainly easy to use.

The graphics of “Krunker” are not real, but deformed feeling, appropriately you can show definitely lightly on PCs as soon as low specifications.

If it is still heavy, you can get off assured that it can be made even lighter by lowering the image setting setting.

Next, I played pardon for all using a revolver.

The revolver is ineffective and has a small number of ammunition, but has a high talent and can slay two torso.

Since the distressing keenness is fast, you can shoot while heartwarming around.

“Krunker” is also characterized by a large hit bin (hit judgment).

Therefore, even poor players in the manner of me can make a gungun headshot.

Headshots double the score, consequently if you objective positively, the score is next delicious.

When the allow is over, you will get an in-game currency called “KR” according to your score.

This “KR” can be turned into a so-called gacha by collecting it, and you can acquire weapon skins and costumes to buy the player’s appearance.

This “KR” can plus be purchased for a fee.